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About QDiligence® - Online D&O Questionnaires

QDiligence is a technology company that provides hosted application solutions that enhance and streamline data gathering processes used by Governance professionals to meet the compliance needs of corporate boards and public companies within the U.S. QDiligence is used across the U.S. by Fortune 500 companies in various industries including sporting goods, commercial air travel, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas production, real estate, and telecommunications.

QDiligence - Product Timeline
The QDiligence System Begins

Development of the QDiligence platform began in mid-2007 after a Fortune 100 corporate law department asked RGM Consulting, Inc., an Advanced IBM Business Partner, to locate a suitable online vendor to host D&O Questionnaires for online completion. After every major online survey company turned down the project, RGM proposed a plan to develop and host a new questionnaire system that was easy to use, quick to perform annual updates and secure. Directors and officers began submitting their responses on December 4, 2007.

Platform Enhancement

In preparation for the next proxy, the platform was enhanced in many ways including a brand new user interface, improved navigation, faster performance, new internals to further reduce time required for annual updates and new dynamic question functionality.

Board Self-Assessments Added / Dramatic Cycle-Time Reduction

The response to the online D&O Questionnaire system was very positive and the decision was made to allow directors to provide board self-assessment responses via the questionnaire platform as well. New PDF generation functionality eliminated web browser printing inconsistencies. Adding automatic response tabulation reports reduced response analysis cycle-time from days to minutes. This year, the D&O preparation process was to reduced to only ten days. Before the platform was in use, the preparation process took eight weeks.

QDiligence Platform Redeveloped From The Ground Up

In 2010 the process began to create the QDiligence platform based on the latest modern industry-standard technology from IBM. The platform was reengineered to be even more secure, more responsive, more scalable and more flexible.

New QDiligence Platform Is Launched

After a year in development, which incorporated all of the lessons learned building and hosting D&O Questionnaires and Board Self-Assessments for years, the redesigned and rearchitected platform was officially launched as QDiligence and was immediately put into service for the existing board.

QDiligence Available To New Companies For First Time

The successful launch of the new QDiligence D&O Questionnaire / Board Self-Assessment platform paved the way for QDiligence to invite more companies and organizations. Today Fortune 500 public companies across the U.S. are using QDiligence to make their D&O and Board Self-assessment processes more convenient for their directors and officers while dramatically reduce cycle-time.

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