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QDiligence support is designed to ensure the success of the Governance professionals responsible for the Director & Officer Questionnaire process.  The D&O Questionnaire cycle follows a pattern: 1) Preparation, 2) Launch 3) Receive Responses. Each year the QDiligence team works directly with the client Governance team to ensure a successful launch.  At QDiligence, we have been doing D&O questionnaires every year since 2007. We know the needs, the questions, the challenges and the timelines.  We are always there for you exactly when you need us.

We Support You. You Support Your Board.

Companies typically prefer to handle all communications with directors themselves. That makes perfect sense given the nature of who must provide responses to D&O questionnaires. If a respondent has a question, they contact you. If you have a question, you contact us.

We Are Your D&O Technical Support Team

QDiligence is your "D&O IT Team." We handle all of the technical issues that may arise during questionnaire creation, completion and monitoring so that you can focus on your board members and directors. We are the IT team you always wanted.

D&O Is More Than "A Season"

There is a D&O questionnaire "season" but there are also questionnaires that need to be completed off-cycle. QDiligence has you covered in both cases. Annual questionnaire updates and off-cycle questionnaires are all included with QDiligence.

Our goal is to provide you with the best service in the shortest time.

If you have a question, contact us. It is that simple.