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QDiligence Online D&O Questionnaires - Customized Solutions

QDiligence provides fully customized online D&O and board self-assessment solutions

QDiligence D&O Questionnaires is a fully customized solution that migrates your D&O Questionnaires into a secure online system so your directors and officers can submit their responses using an iPad, Mac or PC anywhere anytime.  Board Self-Assessments and Executive Surveys are optional add-on services.  All QDiligence products are provided as annual subscriptions which provides the flexibility to start with D&O questionnaires and grow your online experience from there.

D&O Questionnaires - Overview

When your users login to QDiligence, they are directed to your customized company instance displaying your company logo, your welcome message and designated contacts within an easy-to-use home screen that gives them direct access to their D&O Questionnaires.  In each questionnaire, users can easily navigate through the questionnaire and save responses as Draft or Completed plus clickable Glossary Definitions and End Notes provide immediate clarification within each question.

For governance professionals, cycle-time reduction is the key to improving the annual D&O Questionnaire process.  With QDiligence the governance team starts their annual D&O Questionnaire process later in the year and launches questionnaires faster.  QDiligence features such as automatic pre-completion, automatic response redlining, and instant global question updates help to make governance teams effective and efficient.

QDiligence Features

  • Access D&O questionnaires with iPad, PC or Mac
  • Easy to use
  • Year-round online access to responses (Current and prior years)
  • Convenient Popup Glossary Terms and/or End Notes
  • Responses can be saved as Draft or Complete
  • Responses must be marked as Complete to submit
  • Responses "locked" after submission (Administrators can unlock)


  • Automatic response pre-completion from prior year's responses
  • Automatic question personalization from prior year's responses
  • Question personalization
  • Dynamic Committee Question Sections
  • Questionnaire PDF Printing
  • Response submission can be prevented before a date certain

Board Self-Assessments - Overview

QDiligence can also migrate your Board Self-Assessments online using our D&O questionnaire platform. The same easy-to-use navigation system is applied to your self-assessment questions which makes completion simple using an iPad, Mac or PC. In addition to the extensive set of QDiligence features, Board Self-Assessments provide a single-click Excel tabulation report for each self-assessment.

Executive Surveys - Overview

Executive Surveys provides a path to let your directors, senior leadership, yours or your customers', enjoy the convenience, security and ease of use they have become familiar with to complete internal surveys.  Logging in to a system they trust is key to getting a high rate of response and each executive survey comes with its own custom report that can include tables, charts and graphs.

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